Pick a Positive or Two – returning to work


Inspired by the lovely Life on Planet T blog I have decided to try join in the Pick a Positive or Two linky.  I haven’t really done one of these before so the timing isn’t great in terms of when I like to post, and at first I thought it was something I wouldn’t be able to manage this week, but when I narrowed myself down to one thing to think about it was a bit easier!


This week I am focusing on my imminent return to work, it terrifies me on many levels, but on the positive side:

  1. I will finally have some baby free time;
  2. I am really looking forward to having a reason to get dressed and showered in a morning even if I do have to get up an hour earlier than I used to;
  3. I think it will do our relationship a lot of good to have some separation, living and “working” at home together for 14 months hasn’t done our relationship any favours;
  4. I am looking forward to chatting to adults regularly, about non-baby things, like work and stress;
  5. I will feel like I am getting some of my old self back;
  6. Our son will get to spend lots of time with his dad;
  7. I will be able to focus on “quality time” rather than dealing with all the boring bits;
  8. I will be earning money, something we have missed over the past six months!
  9. My job is relatively stable and secure;
  10. I actually have the benefit of doing a job that I enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Pick a Positive or Two – returning to work

  1. I found going back to work far easier than I thought it would be and having a little human alarm clock who demands me to get up is much more fun than my phone alarm. I now love mornings as it is an hour and a half of family time and hubby and I work hard together to get me out of the door in time. I enjoy my job too and that is definitely something to be grateful for. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll be fine 😊


    • Yes I read your post about returning – it was very reassuring! Jem has strangely stopped waking at 7.30 and now wakes at 6.30 which is when I need to wake up for work! I’ll let you know how it goes, I hope to follow in your incredibly positive footsteps 🙂


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