Poonami the first


Ah it happens to us all, that leaky nappy moment, doesn’t it…?

Well I thought it didn’t happen to me, I heard the stories about why you need to carry a change of clothes but I’d never had to break open my spare outfit and I was beginning to think it was all a bit unnecessary.


At around 4 months old we were enjoying a delightful NCT meet up in the park (I have a lovely NCT group if I haven’t already told you).  I was a bit wary it’s fair to say as it had been 4 days since the last poo, but nothing had prepared me.

In an attempt to settle a grizzling boy I was giving him a good old jiggle in my arms when I felt it explode.  My first thoughts were delight, finally he’s been, no need for a trip to the GP…I continued to jiggle…big mistake.

My previous experience was that, other than the curse of the mandatory nighttime leakage (always leak wee on the top left side just after you finally get the baby to sleep, for no apparent reason, tried loads of different nappies, never resolved this, only ever happens when you’re having a particularly fractious night) my choice of nappies could withhold any amount of poo.  This is true, my experience before and since is that even most high street store nappies can manage pretty much anything (again other than the curse of the mandatory nighttime leakage) but nothing can withstand the poonami.

For those not in the know a poonami is an unbelievable level of runny bf baby poo, which flows in a manner similar to a tsunami (hence the name) and will ruin anything it comes into contact with.  No nappy can contain the poonami, it will ruin the baby’s clothes…and your clothes…and possibly your buggy/changing bag/picnic blanket…

The feeling of helplessness as you watch the nappy literally explode with poo, sending rivers of the bright yellow stuff over everything in sight is truly one I have never experienced prior to having a baby.  On the upside I was in a park therefore the damage was limited…but be warned mummies.

2 thoughts on “Poonami the first

  1. mummyofboygirltwins

    Yuk! I’ve had to dive into the spare clothes quite a few times (I’ve got twins!) but it’s never pleasant!!!! Glad you survived 😉 lol !!


    • Haha sadly it was a long time ago so I’ve done it several times since…but the trauma is still with me hence the post! Yep I suspect double poonami is something I would struggle to deal with 😉 x


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