Pick a Positive Linky on loan!


Well I’m not a massive fan of linky’s probably because no matter how regular they are I am rarely well prepared for them!  Pretty much the only one I have done regularly (as in more than twice!) is Life on Planet T’s Pick a Positive linky.  I particularly like this because I am not a naturally positive person so it helps me try and identify and dwell on the positives rather than just the negatives.   Mrs T is one of my favourite bloggers and she has been super busy recently so I asked her if I could borrow her linky for a short time and she said yes! (Thank you Mrs T), so here goes my first attempt at running a linky.   In terms of my own positive this week this is going to be about feeling positive about my blog, I started my blog only a few months ago as a type of dry run, it was started as a sideline, a way of practicing how to blog so that I could set up my “real blog”.  I didn’t know anything about blogging and wanted to test it out before getting going on the other blog, this blog gave me such confidence that I feel really proud of it in it’s own right – as .  The reality is that I loved doing this blog, it gave me a way to vent, and it has introduced me to the wonderful world of parent bloggers.  The market is pretty much saturated with parent bloggers so I guess my blog wasn’t really needed, but the variety is immense so I do feel there is room for us all out there!  I have had a really positive and friendly response from other bloggers and through Twitter, when I read about the terrible tweets and comments some have had it makes me sad because there are some great people out there who are positive and supportive and I am always amazed at the great responses I see and receive.   Join me by sharing your own positive through the linky:

  It doesn’t have to be big or scary just something short and sweet is fantastic – I’ll take posts or tweets (@unpreparedmum #pickapositive) would be lovely if you could tweet me too so that I know who to tag when I share your post (@unpreparedmum) or tell me on Facebook if that’s your preferred venue.  I don’t like rules but it’s always nice to share the fun with your own followers and do check out the other link ups…if there are any!!!  It’s a really positive boost for your week, it’ll be open til Friday and I’ll try to do it regularly  🙂   If you do love the positive then remember to take part in the #bepbb tweetfests with @crowtherclan on Fridays @btwblogger on Tuesdays @mutteringmummy on Sundays @rainbowbryte on Saturdays @tiasmum12 on Wednesday and @mummyglitzer I think on a Thursday…I feel I’ve missed someone (Monday…?) or got something wrong, anyways do your tweet from 9 with the #bepbb and they will find you!



Right, a quick amendment to the above to clarify the #bepbb position as I missed someone out *ashamed face* (note – this is really just an aide memoir for me!)

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Pick a Positive or Two – discovering things


Inspired by the lovely Life on Planet T blog I am again joining in the Pick a Positive or Two linky. This week I am focusing on our home:

  1. We have a wonderful new bedroom suite…ok so it doesn’t quite fit as well as we hoped but it’s going to be fab once we’re settled into it.  It’s the first furniture we’ve had that isn’t flat pack, and having lived with second hand furniture and a glued together bed for a number of years it’s a huge achievement;
  2. All our walls are built – this has actually been the case for over six months, but I’m still pleased about it;
  3. Our house appears to be watertight (from the outside in…not yet from the inside in…);
  4. We are finally starting to see things coming together and now I’m back at work we’ve been able to buy nice new things to go in our house (see point 1, above);
  5. There is a good chance that the electricians may come and finish our electrics in the next week or so;
  6. Ditto plasterer;
  7. We’re very very lucky, we live in a 5 bedroom house, and our belongings fill it;
  8. Whatever you think about the grey and dismal area I live in our home is less than 5 minutes walk from the tube and less than 45 minutes directly to work;
  9. I love being able to pop out to the 3 local market stalls and buy our fruit and veg every day;
  10. We live near 2 of the best Turkish restaurants in London (important when you’re married to the Turk).

Counting our many blessings, particularly knowing how many are living in appalling conditions both at home and abroad.

Pick a Positive or Two – discovering things


Inspired by the lovely Life on Planet T blog I am again joining in the Pick a Positive or Two linky.

This week I am focusing on finding things…potentially in a slightly ironic way, here are some of the things I found out this week:

  1. I found out that my Oystercard was under the rug in the lounge…a day after buying a new one;
  2. I discovered that people at work are looking forward to me coming back…I know this because they have contacted me and told me;
  3. I found a bargain knitting book at the supermarket for £1, it’s baby knitting things…although it did make me realise I haven’t actually knitted anything for Jem yet myself;
  4. I found out that my wonderful cousin is on the way to buying her first house with her fiance, so happy for them;
  5. I realised that the bedroom does fit in a wardrobe and looks pretty darn good;
  6. I found out that my son is far cleverer than I realised, he found one half of a container in his toy box and realised that the day before he had left the other half under his changing table, he went and retrieved it, I was impressed.

Pretty good week (not mentioning the disaster that has been my planning journey to “having it all” but I am working on it 😉 )

Pick a Positive or Two – returning to work


Inspired by the lovely Life on Planet T blog I have decided to try join in the Pick a Positive or Two linky.  I haven’t really done one of these before so the timing isn’t great in terms of when I like to post, and at first I thought it was something I wouldn’t be able to manage this week, but when I narrowed myself down to one thing to think about it was a bit easier!


This week I am focusing on my imminent return to work, it terrifies me on many levels, but on the positive side:

  1. I will finally have some baby free time;
  2. I am really looking forward to having a reason to get dressed and showered in a morning even if I do have to get up an hour earlier than I used to;
  3. I think it will do our relationship a lot of good to have some separation, living and “working” at home together for 14 months hasn’t done our relationship any favours;
  4. I am looking forward to chatting to adults regularly, about non-baby things, like work and stress;
  5. I will feel like I am getting some of my old self back;
  6. Our son will get to spend lots of time with his dad;
  7. I will be able to focus on “quality time” rather than dealing with all the boring bits;
  8. I will be earning money, something we have missed over the past six months!
  9. My job is relatively stable and secure;
  10. I actually have the benefit of doing a job that I enjoy.