Darn you Paul Hollywood


Now there’s only one thing I like more than The Apprentice, and that’s The Great British Bake Off, I like to think that it’s the type of programme that I could actually be in…I’m not sure why I think this,  because the boy’s first birthday cake was a bit of a disaster…

The cake itself was just fine (carrot…counts towards your 5 a day…FACT) but my icing pens just dissolved into the moist cake…as did the later attempt to sprinkle it with icing sugar…

I have all the tools, but none of the skill…

After vowing never to attempt it again a couple of years ago I foolishly decided to make my own bread rolls again.   Mistake…big mistake…well actually not so bad, they did taste good even if they bore no physical resemblance to bread rolls.

A few weeks ago I broke out my new bundt pan and managed to create something that was burned on the top and raw at the bottom…that’s a special kind of skill 😉

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