Shoe crazy


So the boy has a thing for shoes…I can’t imagine where he gets it from…

We first discovered this as an obsession with my trainers became dangerous.   You see whereas most people wear shoes on their feet, Jem likes to wear them on his hands. It’s not so bad but his ragged determination to wear shoes on his hands at all times does cause issues when on stairs.  He has a fair few bad falls so I decided it was time to invest in some big boy shoes (*sob* how did it come to this, my tiny  baby?!)

Naturally we headed to Clarks, 3 times to be precise.   After being told 2 to 3 different sizes and not finding any nice soft crawling shoes I took the plunge and invested in a lovely pair of half price loafers.

£20 might not seem like a lot to you but it’s 2 pairs of shoes to me and the prospect of having to pay the same for a new pair every month or so filled me with dread!  We headed straight to Sports World and bought a £3 pair of sandles next, they’ve already been a great investment and he loves tl bring them to us to put on!

Next we were lucky enough to get a generous giftcard for Mothercare from some wonderful friends so when I went to the Mothercare Outlet to buy vests I checked out the massive shoe range.  Now we have a Mothercare at the end of our road but I honestly have never really seen shoes in there so didn’t think about it as a place to look for first proper shoes.  The range at the outlet was huge and the prices even better, all £3.50 to £4!  So I admit I went a bit crazy!   Jem is a size 5 at the moment and I found this comfy pair that he loves, they’re much more flexible than his leather pair:

So I got a couple of size 6 shoes as well:


…and sevens:


Oh and an 8:


Then I found these in the tragedy that has been the Kiddiecare closing down sale:


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