The battleground of snot


I know all children are snotty, I knew this before I had a baby and it was one of the things I was least looking forward to (nappies, birth and vomit were also high on my dread list), but I hadn’t actually appreciated what the worst bit of it would be.

I knew that an immunity to snot would develop because even though I as an adult cannot stand looking at either runny or crusty noses there are so many of them around that I assumed parents became ultimately indifferent, but I have discovered that’s just not true.
My son constantly has a crusty nose, and often can be found with a river of snot waving it’s way towards his mouth.
It upsets me, I find it disgusting to look at, but it’s still there.
You may ask why…and you would be right to ask.
The simple answer is not that I don’t notice or don’t care, but in the crazy battle of attempted nosewiping I realise that before I get the tissue anywhere near the little snotrag said snot will first find its way onto my shoulder, trouser leg, the rug, the sofa and probably somewhere on my skin…
…you have to pick your battles.
I am starting to come to terms with the snot, I flit between blaming it on his fortnightly trip to playgroup, teeth and the lack of manners in society (ok so the last one is unlikely but it’s a real problem).  In the same way that I came to terms with poo after I got sprayed by one…who knew I would become a cloth nappy user.
PS I do notice that although the boy won’t allow a tissue near his nose if he can find a box of tissues, loo roll or tissue anywhere within reach he will immediately hone in on it.

Snot and other delights of motherhood…


Does it ever end?  No really, those who have older children, when does the snot stop? Admittedly Jem has had several colds, but also seems to get a runny nose when he is teething (read: constantly since 8 weeks).  Now I’ve read that teething can last until 2…does this mean he will be a snot monster until then??? Luckily he does love a tissue (although ideally in his mouth rather than up his nose) but pre-baby I always had a fear of children with snotty noses and used to wonder why their parents didn’t clear it up…now I understand. I expected the nappies to be pretty foul (my expectations have been met…) Our experiences of post weaning vomit have been pretty awful, but manageable (who knew I would be capable of breastfeeding a baby in the shower whilst trying to pick bits of dried sick out of his hair…it had been in there all night and he’d been rolling around in it…even typing this brings back the nausea…) I feel I dealt with the everlasting posseting very well, not even flinching as the baby threw up over my shoulder (…splattering onto the stairs) every time I took him back to bed after a night feed. These are all delights of motherhood that I was concerned I might not cope with, it turns out that you just don’t know until you try.