Breakfast…and other peanut butter related issues


Breakfast is a regular source of argument in our house…I wonder if anyone else suffers from this…

I like a quick breakfast, get it over and done with and on to elevenses.  If I’m at home it has to be toast with butter.

The Turk however has a different approach, breakfast in Turkey is a mid-morning event which involves emptying the contents of your cupboards onto the table, lots of bread and dipping it into things.

Don’t get me wrong I’m a massive fan of a fry up or pancakes, but they’re a treat not a daily thing.  I feel frustrated at the process of preparation and sitting around the table for a lengthy breakfast on a daily basis.

The general content of our breakfast table is as follows:

Pekmez (mulberry molasses usually, it’s a Turkish thing we buy from the local store or bring back with us, or as I like to describe it: brown tasteless gunge);

Nutella (to be eaten with a spoon);

White cheese (or other cheese if this is not available because mummy did the shopping and she buys cheddar)…(if you’re in Turkey replace “white cheese” with “five varieties of white cheese and one of stringy cheese”);



Jam (minimum one variety);


Peanut butter (three varieties, cheap smooth for the Turk; organic smooth for the boy; crunch for mummy).

This is the bare minimum and I’m sure that the Turk’s mum would freak out if she saw the lack of choice on our breakfast table.

I do wonder whether we really need 3 types of peanut butter…is this normal?  Does anyone else suffer through this?  Is it just a Turkish thing…?


I'm very nosy and I'd love to know what you think?

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