The curse of the mandatory nighttime nappy leakage


When my baby was young I was a real connoisseur of nappies, I tried them all.

Naturally my favourite, Huggies, went out of production so after importing some from abroad I settled for whatever I could get my hands on.

Whatever I tried I have ended up with leaks (yes even with my favourites) and although friends had the occasional leakage, I seemed to have it nearly every night*

One particularly horrible evening after changing the moses basket sheets twice, changing clothes, a poonami, many feeds, infacol, raised lets at the head end of the moses basket etc I went through everything I could to make him sleep, I finally got him off and as I was drifting into sleep he started squalking.  I was grumpy and exhausted, I had run out of ideas and had no idea what ELSE could he need.  I picked him up and there it was AGAIN, literally 10 minutes after I had put him down, the cold damp patch on the front left side of the nappy.

Why?  WHY? and HOW?

I understand that there are times when the nappy isn’t done up quite right, or a child is in between nappy sizes.  Now I expect it more as Jem sleeps on his front so if he’s particularly wee-ey in the night it has an excuse for squeezing out, but when he was little I just couldn’t work it out.  Always in the same place, not every night but at least once a week.  I label it “the curse of the mandatory nighttime nappy leakage” because it doesn’t seem to happen to other people but I really suffer from it.  Surely after all this time my nappy fastening technique has improved…?


* I say night, but those of you who know me know that when he was little Jem didn’t really sleep at “night” so by “night” I mean whatever ungodly hour he dropped off to sleep for his long** sleep


**by “long” I mean 2 hours…max…it’s “long” because the rest of the day he only slept 20 minutes at a time…I don’t miss those first few months.

2 thoughts on “The curse of the mandatory nighttime nappy leakage

  1. We had this every night for two months! We spent so much money on all the nappy brands, different sizes and even double nappy but we could not work it out. Then one night it just stopped. It will forever remain a mystery to me.


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