Ungrateful mummy…?`


So Jem had lots (and lots) of wonderful presents over Christmas, he was very lucky.  I had been looking at V-Tech baby walkers for ages, I think they’re really good and I was desperate for something to occupy him, but I never got round to getting one.  Anyway, long story short, an unexpected gift arrived from one of our fab rellies and guess what, a V-Tech baby walker!!!  I don’t know if you have seen one of these but they are all singing and dancing, music playing, activity stations as well as being a baby walker (forget wooden blocks in a tray akin to my own childhood, this is something else).

It’s brilliant, Jem loved it and recently has taken to walking along with it, and climbing on it (oh yes, really), he likes to dance along to the tunes and has a special way of trying to reach the buttons by leaning over it from the back…

Now Jem loves something new, but he has a very short attention span.  For example the pride of my Christmas gifts to him was the Lamaze shape sorter (I LOVE it, LOVE), but trying to persuade him to play with it can be a bit painful (he will tolerate it, but mainly to appease me so I let him get back to his baby walker).  However 3 months on this most entertaining of walkers is still one of his favourite things (that he is allowed to have, obviously if the alternative is something that is generally prohibited then that takes priority).  It’s not that the music is driving me slightly potty, or that I worry about him skittling down the stairs, it’s genuinely a fantastic thing and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone (I think pretty much all the babies in my NCT group have one though so they are fairly prolific and not for those parents who like a more individual toy), I’m just slightly sad that my gift isn’t his favourite…

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