A one stop summer shop…nearly


We’ve booked a holiday (YAY), this is to replace our holiday in Turkey in October, which turned into 3 weeks at my in-laws (…must…not…complain…), so we will be returning to Turkey for 2.5 weeks in May.  I am promised that it will be hot, I am promised that there will be a week in a hotel, some sightseeing, then just a week with the in-laws.

Following this I realised that Jem has outgrown his summer clothes…and his swimming costume…and his hats…SHOPPING 🙂

We hit Kiddiecare Enfield first (primarily to buy nappies…shopping was just a bonus!) where I found the sun suit I hadn’t realised I was looking for!  This was full price but a bargain at £8 for a high coverage long sleeve vest top, trousers and sun cap.  It provides coverage up to SF40 (clothing) and SF50(hat) which is a real priority given Jem will only be 1 year when we go away, and the Turkish sun can be hot.  Of course this doesn’t negate the need for strict sun block whilst we’re out and about but it’s a real relief to know that he can play with extra safety in the pool.  I particularly love the hat, we had one of these for him last summer…but we didn’t really need it, I particularly like the way this covers the back of the neck.


Other purchases from Kiddiecare include a pair of jeans for £6, these were discounted, but even full price they were £8 which I think is great considering how long they’re in them!  I also managed to buy myself a lovely maternity dress…no I’m not pregnant…but it still looks good.  It was only £7.20 and has easy access for breastfeeding so I thoroughly recommend having a look there if you are looking for maternity clothes, I didn’t as I didn’t buy many maternity clothes and there wasn’t a local one at the time, but I wish I had!20140402_170150

Next we visited the Mothercare Outlet in Rotherham to top up the boy’s wardrobe.  We managed to buy an astonishing 14 items for less than £35 which was phenomenal and thanks to a sale plus buy one get one half price.

My favourite purchase was this dungaree set, they are possibly the least practical pair of trousers I’ve ever bought and I suspect I’ll really regret this once we get away, but at £7 I couldn’t resist, they’re lovely and cute and remind me of my tiny baby.

With the offers we also managed to find 2 t-shirts at 64p each!  Who can argue with that…?


I finally paid a visit to TK Maxx (to buy a gift…) and found this gorgeous outfit, the Turk was there but given the motto on the top he couldn’t really argue!  Long sleeved vest and leggins for £4, I find you have to be fairly careful with prices at TK Maxx generally but this was a real bargain.


So we managed to get a full summer kit for under £50 and this included some additional outfits for later on in the year, I do love a bargain!