Wake to sleep…


Naps have been an issue for some time….since birth to be precise.

At 3 months I had lost all sense of humour about sleep (sleep, ha, sleeping’s for wimps) and decided that 3 months was quite old enough for some firm sleep training.  I researched a variety of techniques, made a record of Jem’s routine (that was easy…none) and the times he ate (constantly) and slept (never).

I heard from a friend about the wake to sleep technique, for those not in the know it is roughly along the lines of working out when your baby usually wakes up early during a nap, then a fixed period of time before they are expected to wake the parent gently rouses them a little (but not fully waking).  The baby will then return to a deeper cycle of sleep and hence the nap will be extended.

Hmmm.  I wasn’t sure.  How much do I shake the baby to wake them?  What time?  When you say half an hour before their usual waking time what happens when he only sleeps for 20 minutes?

I had questions.

During the course of my intensive worry and research into extending nap times I happened to pop Jem into his cot for a nap one morning.  He went straight to sleep (yay), cue the builders extensive circular sawing.  For those who haven’t heard such a piece of machinery, I can confirm it’s loud.  Luckily they were doing this in the room directly beneath Jem’s cot.  My heart sank.  But, miracle of miracles he continued to sleep.  Peeking through the door I could see that the saw every 5 minutes or so would disturb him a little, but he would settle straight back to sleep.

2 hour nap later and I’m pretty sure I have cured sleeping for ever more.  For those of you who are wondering how to extend nap times, simply employ a team of unreliable yet surprisingly expensive builders to operate loud machinery directly under your sleeping baby and voila, short nap times are a thing of the past…possibly…

Woo hoo nappage success


Whilst I am fairly sure it’s not the done thing to double blog in one day, something so exciting happened today that I just have to share.

I put the little man down for his morning nap, nothing unusual there.  I leave the room, wait, there’s no screaming so I do my little “successful nap” dance and wander off to clean my teeth (it’s only 10.30am…don’t judge me he’s tough work).  In our house no screams when I leave the room = successful nap time (aka “nappage”) for anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours (obviously only long when we need to go out…)

After teeth cleaning I peek through the door to Jem’s room…he’s not asleep…he is playing with the toys on his mobile…which I thought he couldn’t reach…

What to do?

Do I go in and lay him down?

Do I ignore him and head downstairs?

Surely either option will immediately lead to screaming…so I choose the latter, which means I can put the kettle on 😉

Anyway a short time later the Turk is heading up the stairs so I ask him to stick his head around the door (ahha, excellent trick, that way if Jem screams it’s not my fault and/or I can blame him for ‘waking up’ the baby)…

The Turk: “He’s asleep with his bottom in the air”

Me: “what?”

The Turk: “He’s asleep”

Me: “He can’t be…”

The Turk: “But you put him down…?” *puzzled face*

Me: “Yes, yes I did”


So, he occupied himself, then simply lay down and went to sleep…how did this happen…what parenting trick did I use…how can I replicate this…?  Amazing nappage, love it 🙂