Autocorrelation correct


What does it mean I hear you ask?

Well, I’m not sure, I wanted to write “autocorrect” but apparently my phone doesn’t recognise this…or have any facility for me to add a new word…since I changed phones I have made even less sense than normal.

My fingers seemed too big for the QWERTY keyboard but the predictive text function appears to be gibberish…is it a sign of my age?!

I have always loved autocorrect, but recently it doesn’t seem to love me, I cannot work out how to add my husband’s name so consequently I always refer to him as a food type, I’ve stopped explaining it to people.  The default setting on my autocorrect for “I” is “g” which makes for odd conversations…again I have reached the point where that’s just what I do I can no longer be bothered to stress about it or explain it – if you don’t know by now what the issue is then I don’t speak to you often enough and should delete you from What’s App.

I think the biggest shock might have been “crap” it’s one of my favourite words, but with autocorrects insistence I must resort to other words: unfair, rubbish, poo are good alternatives although when I really am tired I just leave it as “bras”.

There is one distinct advantage since I have developed my autocorrect inability, and that is that I am more likely to use proper words rather than abbreviations as my phone won’t recognise them…”ur” no longer cuts it *sigh* I feel middle age approaching.

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