Mid life nail varnish crisis…


I think I may be having a midlife crisis…

…the only symptom appears to be in my nail varnish collection…

…is that weird…?

I have always loved doing my nails, I aim to do it weekly, but when I was pregnant I rather gave up.  When my return to work approached I decided to start again.  I didn’t really need any new polishes, I have a great selection of neutrals and “appropriate” office colours, but I was off work at the time so I decided to get a couple of new colours…that’s when it all went a bit pear shaped…

I seem to have acquired purple, coral, 3 shades of pink (one of them fluorescent – fashionable perhaps, if you’re not a 32 year old lawyer) green (GREEN?!)

Seriously, when did I think I was going to wear these?  What on earth was I thinking…

*sigh* I suppose I can use them on my toes…people in the office don’t see my toes**



** that’s a lie, I frequently walk around barefoot in the office.  It’s not appropriate and I get told off a lot.  Perhaps I should just wear the green and then I’ll be known as “the one with the bad nail varnish” rather than “the one with smelly feet“.

3 thoughts on “Mid life nail varnish crisis…

  1. emilygoesforit

    I like the look of the purple and the green. I’ve recently been electric blue haha it’s summer, use that as an excuse 😉


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