Pick a Positive Linky on loan!


Well I’m not a massive fan of linky’s probably because no matter how regular they are I am rarely well prepared for them!  Pretty much the only one I have done regularly (as in more than twice!) is Life on Planet T’s Pick a Positive linky.  I particularly like this because I am not a naturally positive person so it helps me try and identify and dwell on the positives rather than just the negatives.   Mrs T is one of my favourite bloggers and she has been super busy recently so I asked her if I could borrow her linky for a short time and she said yes! (Thank you Mrs T), so here goes my first attempt at running a linky.   In terms of my own positive this week this is going to be about feeling positive about my blog, I started my blog only a few months ago as a type of dry run, it was started as a sideline, a way of practicing how to blog so that I could set up my “real blog”.  I didn’t know anything about blogging and wanted to test it out before getting going on the other blog, this blog gave me such confidence that I feel really proud of it in it’s own right – as .  The reality is that I loved doing this blog, it gave me a way to vent, and it has introduced me to the wonderful world of parent bloggers.  The market is pretty much saturated with parent bloggers so I guess my blog wasn’t really needed, but the variety is immense so I do feel there is room for us all out there!  I have had a really positive and friendly response from other bloggers and through Twitter, when I read about the terrible tweets and comments some have had it makes me sad because there are some great people out there who are positive and supportive and I am always amazed at the great responses I see and receive.   Join me by sharing your own positive through the linky:

  It doesn’t have to be big or scary just something short and sweet is fantastic – I’ll take posts or tweets (@unpreparedmum #pickapositive) would be lovely if you could tweet me too so that I know who to tag when I share your post (@unpreparedmum) or tell me on Facebook if that’s your preferred venue.  I don’t like rules but it’s always nice to share the fun with your own followers and do check out the other link ups…if there are any!!!  It’s a really positive boost for your week, it’ll be open til Friday and I’ll try to do it regularly  🙂   If you do love the positive then remember to take part in the #bepbb tweetfests with @crowtherclan on Fridays @btwblogger on Tuesdays @mutteringmummy on Sundays @rainbowbryte on Saturdays @tiasmum12 on Wednesday and @mummyglitzer I think on a Thursday…I feel I’ve missed someone (Monday…?) or got something wrong, anyways do your tweet from 9 with the #bepbb and they will find you!



Right, a quick amendment to the above to clarify the #bepbb position as I missed someone out *ashamed face* (note – this is really just an aide memoir for me!)

Monday – @ladyemsy

Tuesday – @btwblogger

Wednesday – @tiasmum12

Thursday – @mummyglitzer

Friday – @crowtherclan

Saturday – @rainbowbryte

Sunday – @mutteringmummy

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