Where do you stand on cards?


The Turk and I disagree when it comes to cards, they’re not a big thing in Turkey and apparently he never had one until he came to the UK.  I on the other had have been inundated with cards since I was a child, birthday, Christmas, driving tests, exams…etc.  I was made to send thank you cards for every single gift and even as an adult my mum reminds me (my current task on her to do list is to send a thank you for my baby’s Easter eggs).  I popped out to by a first birthday card earlier this year and was met by a stall of Easter cards, a new one even for me.

The culmination of our different opinions on cards has resulted in an example of each extreme this year, the first was my Mothers day card, which I reminded the Turk about on at least 15 occasions, he did buy one but left it at home for the weekend, didn’t write on it until a week later, but it was good when it arrived!  The other extreme was in my mad purchase of 1st birthday cards for our NCT group I accidentally bought Jem a first birthday card, it was good, but I had forgotten that I had already bought him one earlier in the year…one which was much better…so he has ended up with two.

Somewhere in this house or my parent’s I have hundreds of cards I have been unable to throw away but will never look at again, hence the Turk’s view that they are a complete waste of time.  But looking through my son’s first birthday cards I just know that I will treasure them and I feel there is a place for cards in our life, and as they were a particularly fabulous bunch I thought I would share just a few with you:


This is a Marks & Spencer card, I love the way it stands, with a fold effect rather than a traditional opening


This is a unique card, handmade by my parents – isn’t it a fab keepsake!


Aww I love this card, from the front it has a great picture & unusual fold and then opens out into a huge poster with hugging arms! I plan to hang it on the nursery wall


These last 3 images are the same card which opens out into a keepsake book with space for photo and notes, it’s really unusual and I will love looking back on it



6 thoughts on “Where do you stand on cards?

  1. I am a card horder! My mum is too and it is lovely for me to be able to look back at my birthday/christmas cards from when I was younger. Brings back lovely memories 😀


    • Ah that’s lovely, I’ll have to dig some of my old ones out and have a nosy, I like to look through our son’s cards and our wedding ones but I’ve got loads somewhere! Nice to know I’m not alone!x


  2. I’m a “card for every occasion” mind of girl!! Drives hubby mad – both the buying for other people and the keeping of cards I get. But B loves looking through all the cards we got when she was born – I’m probably setting her up to be the same!! 😃


    • Oh I am always slightly envious about people who are organised enough to always be on the ball when it comes to cards – I’m never prepared!! It’s really interesting to know that B likes to look through her cards, I think that’s so sweet – I hope Jem is the same!


  3. I’m always sending cards to people for little things, I think its nice to mark an occasion… However, when my daughter was born I kept all of the cards in a box from her birth… her first Christmas… her christening… and now I’m thinking what on earth am I going to do when she’s one?! Even I realise that four boxes are cards is a little ridiculous!


    • Goodness that’s a lot of cards!! Must be lovely to look back on 🙂 I’ve been thinking today it would be lovely to do a collage or cover the box with cards but I don’t know if I could cut them up…scrapbook?


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