The sounds my son will never hear…


Dial up internet connection

The ringing and dialing of a ‘proper’ phone

Someone asking for change for the payphone

The whir of a video rewinding (although he will hear mummy asking for this to be done at the end of every DVD…silly mummy)

The clunk of a cassette tape being taken out (and the notion of a pencil being used to wind the tape back in will seem completely implausible)

That crackle crackle on a proper record (actually that’s a lie because they now seem to add it to things…)


I wonder what else…I wonder whether it matters.

I wonder what noises he will hear today that will soon become extinct…

8 thoughts on “The sounds my son will never hear…

  1. teentweentoddler1

    It does make you wonder doesn’t it? I often say things they think are awesome now will be lame in a few years 🙂


  2. Kim Carberry

    Ahhh the sound of dial up internet….lol
    What great memories…..It does make me sad my girls won’t hear these too.


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