The danger of digital…


Back in the day you took 24 photos (more if you had a big film) took them to Boots, got back about 6 decent pictures, and treasured them.  I had photo albums and would take my time putting the pictures in and then intermittently flick back through to look at hte comments I had put next to them.

Not any more…

Now we take hundreds.  To be fair my dad has always taken hundreds, he has albums and albums of me when I was a child.  Again all lovingly stuck into albums.

This has become a particular issue for me since I got my cats, I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of them, the Turk would moan about me clogging up the hard drive with 7 photos of the cats laying in bed every day…3 years on and I still do it…only now I also take photos of the boy too.  He just does so many things, and you never capture it in the first picture so I always take several.

In fact I keep handy our camera and camcorder just to be on the safe side…and the tablet (although it takes a rubbish picture)…and of course our phone is always lying around…

Essentially I seem to take hundreds of pictures a week in an effort to capture that special moment.  However, when I get them onto the computer I find I can’t delete any of them.  They’re all so special, yes there are the ones when he’s posing just right, but the one a few seconds earlier he’s got my Grandma’s double chin, and the one after you can see his tongue…they’re all such special moments that I don’t want to lose any of them.


I find that the most precious pictures aren’t the ones that are planned, but the ones that are unexpected, and I worry that I’ll never get them back, it feels like deleting a moment of his life…is that silly?

Ah well, I think I must do something to tame the photo-addiction…I’ve cut back on my cat photos…

Easter 2014 232


2 thoughts on “The danger of digital…

  1. Kim Carberry

    I got a new phone a few weeks ago with a camera on and I take about 20 photos a day and delete hardly any… I’m capturing so many lovely moments which I can keep and look back on forever 🙂


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