A day of bad luck…


Oh dear, I think the baby had his first “bad day” since he became more aware of the world around him…admittedly perhaps those first four months when he cried constantly for 22 hours a day might have felt worse…but I don’t know why he was crying then so I’m disregarding it.

[FYI I’m also disregarding the day he fell off the bed and needed a trip to A&E for the lump on his head, I was in the shower therefore not responsible so technically it can’t be included 😉 ]

It started with the trapping of his hand in the cat flap, he’s done it a dozen times before so I didn’t think much of it but he had managed to wedge his little finger very high up and by the time I got it out he had a fairly nasty looking injury…it was our first blood…admittedly not much, but I’m not great with blood.  He cried for a good minute while I frantically mentally located the germolene and plasters.  By the time I had debated over pre-cut and then regular or Peppa Pig he seemed to have completely forgotten about his injury…he hasn’t mentioned it since…so I’ve kept quiet about it…

Then there was the face plant off the rocking chair onto the floor.  It was on the rug so it doesn’t really count…but it looked hilarious and I felt  bad for laughing and took serious consoling…

It obviously didn’t affect him too much as he got back on, and duly fell off backwards a short time later.

Poor baby…



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