My baby is…


My baby is…

1. A wriggly, jiggly, giggly kind of baby;
2. Always on the go;
3. Never without something in his mouth;
4. Always ready for adventure;
5. Happy to see anyone, he always makes a friend;
6. Always surprising;
7. A bit of a drama queen;
8. Braver than his mummy;
9. Strongwilled and stubborn;
10. 1 year old

I drafted this post ahead of the Pick a Postive linky, but given that I am attempting to engage with that I think this is a nice thing to link up!

I’d love to hear 10 things about your baby or older child, if you’d like to do a “my baby is…” guest post please email me:

I'm very nosy and I'd love to know what you think?

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