We have 2 cats which we adopted shortly after getting married, before the arrival of the boy.  The Turk has never been fond of cats but seemed to take to our boys until Jem arrived.  Our poor cats were rather neglected for the first few months of Jem’s life, but more recently since he’s been on the move it’s been a source of some tension in our house.

Jem was fascinated by the cats once he started to realise they were moving around, and I’m pretty sure that he said “cat” as his first word, because he later pointed at them and said something that sounds very like cat…

However, as crawling advanced we started to notice some issues…at first careful handling of the cats (I say cat but actually one of them doesn’t want anything to do with the boy, so I really mean just our needy cat) around Jem he took to stroking them nicely and squealing with delight, very cute.  Stroking advanced to grabbing and the cats soon learned to stay out of his way.  He’s not often quite fast enough to catch them (although he does get close) but he has turned his attention to their food instead.  Today a quick back turn whilst chopping veg resulted in food and water bowls being upended all over the kitchen floor and an attempt to consume pieces of Iams…hmmm must check what the BLW book says about that…

2 thoughts on “Cat-astrophe

  1. sz01

    I’ve got two cats, too. I’ve taken to locking them outside in the daytime, so long as the weather is okay. In nearly 3 years, I haven’t switched back to liking them again


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