Pick a Positive or Two – discovering things


Inspired by the lovely Life on Planet T blog I am again joining in the Pick a Positive or Two linky.

This week I am focusing on finding things…potentially in a slightly ironic way, here are some of the things I found out this week:

  1. I found out that my Oystercard was under the rug in the lounge…a day after buying a new one;
  2. I discovered that people at work are looking forward to me coming back…I know this because they have contacted me and told me;
  3. I found a bargain knitting book at the supermarket for £1, it’s baby knitting things…although it did make me realise I haven’t actually knitted anything for Jem yet myself;
  4. I found out that my wonderful cousin is on the way to buying her first house with her fiance, so happy for them;
  5. I realised that the bedroom does fit in a wardrobe and looks pretty darn good;
  6. I found out that my son is far cleverer than I realised, he found one half of a container in his toy box and realised that the day before he had left the other half under his changing table, he went and retrieved it, I was impressed.

Pretty good week (not mentioning the disaster that has been my planning journey to “having it all” but I am working on it 😉 )

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