But when…?


This is my first attempt at poetry since secondary school…please don’t laugh!


If I could have my time again,
I’d never use the phrase “but when…”
But when will you sleep?
But when will you walk?
But when will you grow?
But when will you talk?
If I knew then what I now know;
I’d stop to watch you bloom and grow.
I’d keep you near;
I’d savour those snuggles;
I’d listen for you,
and relish those cuddles.
When I think back to hours wasted asleep,
I really could curl up and weep.
My shining star,
That little boy,
You really are my pride and joy
Copyright Adventures of an Unprepared Mother 20.5.14


9 thoughts on “But when…?

  1. Lovely poem! I can totally relate too, I keep saying to myself that things will get easier when they sleep a bit more, stop having tantrums or can talk properly, but that is just wishing the time away. Thanks for sharing!


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