Oh my goodness all essential tips I wish I’d tried before…the box is the only one I have used myself…

How To Survive A Sleep Thief

entertainWHEN you have a baby who will not go to sleep or stay asleep, there are some mornings you really do NOT want to get out of bed…

You know the mornings I mean.

The baby has kept you up all night and yet still wakes you up ridiculously early.


What a bloody cheek.

You try to enjoy the comfort of your bed for as long as possible.

You hide under the covers. She thinks you are up for a game of Peepo.

You riffle through your bedside drawer and give them anything that looks vaguely interesting in the hope it’ll keep them occupied for a few minutes.

You throw their dummy across the room and buy some precious bed-lying time while they make the journey to retrieve it.

You close your eyes and pretend to be asleep for as long as you can take the pain of the baby pulling your hair and sticking…

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