Liebster Award


Thank you to the wonderful Mums First Diary firstly for reading my little blog, and secondly for nominating it for the Liebster Award!

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been reading or writing blogs for that long so it was a new thing to me, but I am delighted to discover it as I am always searching for new ways to discover blogs I can relate to.  This is a great opportunity to support and raise the profile of blogs with fewer than 200 readers and I love the idea of ‘paying it on’ blog stylee (yes I say it in my head like that).
As I am pretty much a newbie I spend a lot of time trawling Twitter, Bloglovin and my WordPress Reader identifying things I might like to read.  My email daily feed is full of blog updates and I confess I am guilty of following the same blog in a couple of different places as I try to organise my life!  Nonetheless there haven’t been many blogs I haven’t enjoyed reading so the opportunity to promote some of these is a great one.  When I started writing a blog I hadn’t read many and was essentially using it as a free form of therapy, cheaper than a professional and less damaging than arguing with the Turk!
Writing is a huge part of my “proper” job, and whilst I have been on maternity leave I have really missed it and felt I was lacking something, so the opportunity to get typing was one I have really relished.  When I first started writing I was scared to show it to anyone, and so have essentially shared some of my most intimate feelings with strangers and kept them hidden from family and friends.  I’m still not quite ready to share this with them yet, but hopefully with the support of the blogging community I will.  More importantly it has given me the confidence to start a second unrelated blog, something I have been talking about for a long time, on a different aspect of my life, and this I am happy to share with others!  Anyway the strange privacy situation means that promoting the blog is rather difficult, so this is a great opportunity for me to get my blog out there, and I am now delighted to be able to hopefully offer this to other fabulous blogs, consequently I am inviting another 11 blogs to take part and hope that you will keep spreading the love.
Now I have tried really really hard to find Blogs with under 200 followers, but it’s really hard to tell!  So I am taking a risk and out of the many lovely Blogs I’ve found I have picked just a few of my favourites, I apologise in advance because some of you will have many more than 200 followers, but if you’ve not done it before, even if you have lots of followers I’d love to see your post on this!
The Blogs I am nominating 
Put Up With Rain – I just love it, sorry I know you’ve been blogging for ages but I’ve only recently started reading and I love the way you write…I think when I saw the words crochet and pub in the same sentence that was what did it…
Lilypod & Sweetpea – I too always sneeze in 3s…but I don’t punch myself in the face when I do it (seriously just head over and have a read if you want to know what I’m on about), maybe that’s why I like this blog or maybe I’m just a sucker for newborn pics.  Either way an interesting mix of parenting & lifestyle.
Three Years & Home – I just love the perspective in this blog, she’s a long-standing blogger so get a cuppa and settle down for an afternoon in front of the computer!
The Mini Mes and Me – such an accomplished and long standing blogger, but I don’t think she’s ever done a Liebster post!  This was probably the first blog I ever read so holds a special place in my heart.
Reluctant Daddio – I am fascinated about parenting from a father’s perspective, it’s something I have never given much thought to and my own husband is bemused by the imminent onset of full time parenting on him so I am intrigued to hear what others say on the subject.
A morning cup of Jo – again sorry – many followers and blogging isn’t her primary thing, but I just love Jo & her creations, it’s what has kept me crocheting, patterns are easy to follow and I like her attitude towards use, plus her amis are adorable.
Mrs Meldrum – keeping up on Youtube as well is an amazing achievement!
Metropolitan mum – I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this lovely mummy depending on the time of day…it’s the blog I want to write…I have blog envy…
Ponies and Martinis – if I need to explain why you clearly need your eyes testing…martini…MARTINI (although my caveat to this is: do you really not like bacon…really?!)
How to raise a benevolent dictator – what more could you want?
Mini travel bug – very sweet and down to earth, made me say “yeah” out loud more than once in the same post, that was unexpected.

Also, just a special mention for Maria Noell because I do know she’s done it but I just enjoy!


Each of the above have either made me laugh or cry, and I feel that we need both in life, so please keep writing!

If you are one of the bloggers I have nominated, and you are happy to participate, these are the things you need to do:  

  1. Say who nominated you by creating a similar post
  2. Nominate 11 new bloggers (an arbitary number as I see it but I cut down to this because otherwise it would have been ridiculous!) who you think deserve to be seen by more people
  3. Ask them 11 questions
  4. Respond to the questions I have asked

And here are my 11 questions to my fab bloggers:

  1. Why did you decide to write a blog?
  2. Who did you tell before you started writing and why?
  3. Are you a regular blogger or do you go with the flow?
  4. What’s your favourite blog post of your own?
  5. If you could be anywhere else but here, right now, where would you be?
  6. What’s your favourite TV programme, old or new?
  7. What makes you keep blogging?
  8. Do you see a time you will ever stop blogging?
  9. If you could read anyone elses blog (for blog read “internal monologue”) who would you choose? (e.g. a celebrity, your partner, your child…)
  10. What’s your favourite fruit?
  11. Describe yourself in one word.

Here are my answers to the questions from Mum’s First Diary:

1. Why did you decide to start a blog?
I have struggled whilst on maternity leave with loneliness, frustration and a feeling of missing something, I couldn’t always talk to my friends or partner about how I was feeling…so I turned to the internet.  Myself and a friend had decided to start a jewellery blog, and as I knew nothing about blogging or WordPress I decided it would be useful to play around before starting our blog and I discovered the wonderful world of parent blogging.  I am a lawyer so writing is fairly ingrained in me and I thought this might be an opportunity to express some of what I felt on “paper”, so I started my own blog about raising my son and our life…then I got addicted!
2. Who has supported you through the whole process?
The wonderful world of #pbloggers and Twitter!  I haven’t told anyone I know (except my fellow blog friend), my husband knows I do something but not really what…


3. Have you thought of giving up?

I think about it in the sense that I return to work in just over a month and will have little time.  I also worry that I spend too much time on the computer.

4. What is your stimuli to continue?

My son and my husband, when they do something funny or frustrating it’s so nice to be able to “share”.

5. What has peoples response been so far?

Surprisingly positive, I can’t believe people have bothered to read my posts!  It’s been so lovely to know that some of the things going on in my head are also felt by other people 😉

6 What is your dream job?

Excellent, I recently discovered this on a wedding dress shopping trip with my cousin!  I would love to run a wedding dress shop, not a stuffy one with rules, but a great, relaxed, happy shop full of excitement!

7. Do you believe in fate. and if yes, is there something that has convinced you?


Maybe, something weird happened when we conceived my son, we weren’t trying and about an hour “after” I felt pregnant…it felt like pretty awful timing but I think if we hadn’t got pregnant we would probably have put it off for ever…is that fate?

8. Describe yourself with one word.


9. Favourite quote or motto:

10. What is the last thing you bought?

Me, buy…no, surely not *embarrassed face whilst kicking bag of accidental shopping under the bed*…who told you I shop?!  It’s an illness not a choice…

11. Where is your favourite place to write your blog?

Sat on my sofa in front of the tv.

8 thoughts on “Liebster Award

    • I haven’t been blogging anywhere near that long so to keep it up for a year is a massive achievement!!! I totally agree about pub crochet btw, there should be far more of it! Please keep blogging 🙂


  1. Ariel Bernstein

    Thanks so much for including my blog! I’m looking forward to reading more of yours and the other ones you nominated as well!


    • It’s hard to say much about Mrs Meldrum without revealing my total bump envy – if I looked that good even when not pregnant I would totally do a vblog too 😉 that said I like the fact that it lets me be inappropriately nosy about someone else’s life & pregnancy!


    • My absolute pleasure, nothing wrong with cutting it down at all, I think it’s the job of a blogger to vary it a bit!! Really looking forward to checking out a couple of your nominees that I’ve not come across before 🙂


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