Strange milestones…


Have you seen this picture…it’s my son’s first hole, here’s a close up in case you missed it:

Knee hole

Shockingly, up until this week (the week before his first birthday) his clothes have all remained intact, ok so a little bobbled, but perfectly usable for the next baby (…or two…shh nobody mention the possibility of number 3 to the Turk…) but in the space of 5 days two pairs of leggins have finally given in and torn.  I didn’t mind this pair particularly, but sadly the second pair were my favourites but I have managed to salvage them into a pair of shorts.

It should be no surprise, despite being able to stand unaided (we know he can do it, occasionally he lets go and stands still perfectly competently but he just doesn’t seem to “want” to do it) and walk with his walker (again only for the amusement of his parents, he has no interest otherwise) he can reach unbelievable speeds on all fours, reach anything he wants and climb stairs (actually climb anything pretty much…)  Whilst our money pit is slightly less of a building site now, we do have fairly harsh floors with cracked tiles, splinters and the occasional nail to navigate, in fact the nail at the top of our stairs is single-handedly responsible for putting a hole in every pair of socks I own…yes, I know.

I feel I should be noticing when he says his first recognisable word (cat, months ago but I forgot to write it down), cuts each tooth (written down, vaguely) or stands (last week, this post is the closest I will probably get to writing it in the red book) but actually the hole is a milestone that really struck me, I feel it symbolises the changing of a baby into a small boy…not sure how I feel about that!

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