EDD…1 year on and a reflection


Well despite it dominating my mind for the last couple of weeks I managed to completely forget yesterday was the 1 year anniversary  of my baby’s due date.   Whilst I expected my baby to be a week or two late (not because I’m psychic but because I’m an irritating know it all) we were all pretty grateful thst he wasn’t early…

Flashback to 21 April 2013…

Our house has no back wall or bathroom, and very few walls internally.  We were living in the 2 reception rooms, 1 with our 2 sofas, temporamental electric hob, 2 cats and nesrly everything we own.  The second had our clothes and a partially broken double bed.  My due date was momentous however, our loft extension was completed and my husband carried all our belongings (ok I helped but my contribution was insignificant), including our bed, up 3 flights of stairs to our new home.  It has a separate kitchen/living room and a bedroom, storage space for our boxes and a shower room.  Admittedly there was no hot water, or anything for cooking except a microwave and our awful hob (thank you freecycle I must not be ungrateful) but it was clean,  homely, more spacious and like heaven.   I was apprehensive about what I would see as until that day the only access had been a fairly unstable ladder which I had only attempted twice…the turk didn’t understand why I wouldn’t go up…he never had to climb a ladder whilst pregnant.

It was like heaven.

I fully expected broken waters all over my new carpet,  I waited patiently,  but no baby appeared!

Roll forward 12 months…

The boy and I are at my parents home, the Turk is in London working on the semi-watertight house, and we spend the afternoon discusing wedding and baby plans with my cousin then visiting my grandparents.  Whilst a year ago I was satisfied with our luxurious penthouse apartment that is now a distant memory and I whinge constantly about damp patches, lack of progress and missing skirting boards.

How our expectations change!

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