When is a nappy not a nappy…when it’s not “real” presumably?


Sorry this is more of a rant than a blog, I love my Bum Genius reusable nappies, even second hand they were great value and have lasted us well.  I have used them since Jem was about 7 months (once I knew what was likely to come out of that end and that it was unlikely to be too squishy!) but I have friends who have used them since birth and been fine.  In all honesty whilst I loved the thought of reusable nappies when I was preggers at that time I had never changed a nappy (yes, really, in fairness I only held a baby for the first time when I was 35 weeks pregnant) and even though I thought I was fully conversant in nappies (I literally read everything the internet had to offer) I was not fully prepared and when I saw it, I just couldn’t face washing it.  In all honesty it probably wouldn’t have worked for us at that time anyway, we only had access to our washing machine intermittently and I had to brave the building site to get to it, we also would have only had our kitchen/living room to dry them in and as this was already housing all our possessions (enough to fill a house – honestly) it wasn’t ideal.

In short we used “sposies” for the first 7 months and still do at night/on holiday/on days of dodgy tummy but this doesn’t make our nappies any less “real” grrr.  I just hate this term and whilst I really support initiatives such as Real Nappy Week (28 April to 4 May 2014, check it out and follow on Facebook http://www.goreal.org.uk/real-nappy-week or the website http://www.goreal.org.uk/real-nappy-week) the name drives me potty, REUSABLE surely NOT real?!?!?

2 thoughts on “When is a nappy not a nappy…when it’s not “real” presumably?

  1. Part of my would suggest a disposable nappy is possibly more “real” than a reusable because it is so hard to be destroyed due to all the rubbish they put into them! Sadly in 100 years there will be disposables from years ago still floating about whilst reusables will probably have disintegrated! We use them and we never have accidents and didn’t have the patience to find a reusable option which didn’t leak, the ones we tried leaked and were a nightmare! We’ll always go for disposables here. They’re are not for everyone but they’re certainly not imaginary or fake are they? Such an odd term!


    • I just hate the term! I feel a bit bad posting this because it’s about to be “real nappy week” and I do want to be totally re-usabled on the nappy front, because I agree disposables will be lingering on the planet for years so the fewer the better, but they’re not for everyone. We’ve never used reusable at night and have had leaks in nearly every brand of disposable and non-disposable (Jem favours the “explosive poo” method of expelling waste and is far too wriggly for every nappy to put pulled tight!) so I’ve resigned myself to plenty of laundry for the foreseeable future whatever I do! Actually I had lunch this week with a friend who has always used reusable but took her first disposable away on holiday and she was really impressed at how dry they stay and how long they last. I was regaling her with my tales of the newborn “line of guilt” nappies and the days I used to change them as soon as any trace of blue appeared, whereas now I have to remind myself to change Jem at mealtimes!


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