Easter Feaster


I feel I’ve missed something…

Last Easter time my colleague came to work slightly manic looking explaining that she’d been up until the wee small hours making an Easter bonnet for her son (it involved cardboard and sewn on wine gums…) when she discovered at bedtime that he was supposed to be taking such an item into school the next day.  We were puzzled, we didn’t make bonnets when we were at school!  We barely noted Easter apart from the 2 week holiday and excitement about chocolate…

I was about to start maternity leave a week or so before my due date (LOL this makes me laugh…that was a time when I seriously believed I was nearly at the end of my pregnancy not weeks away from it) so I didn’t pay it much heed, but a recent trip to Poundland shocked me, it was FULL of Easter treats, and I’m not talking chocolate.

So, instead of Grinching I have decided to get into the spirit, behold my Easter biscuits and scones:

April 2014 photos 583

And last but not least Easter basket:

April 2014 photos 582

I shall become a domestic goddess…I shall I shall I shall

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