Did you bring the sink mummy…?


This is a little post about the wonder of changing bags, I’ve put you a picture of my own changing bag to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

Admittedly I like to be organised and am often to be found with a large handbag even pre-baby (I have a list in my handbag notepad of what should be in my changing bag as a bare minimum…no really, I’ll take a photo for you: ) and it contains obvious things, nappies (sposies and reusable), changing bags, food, water…it goes on…parents you will understand this.  However a recent journey for lunch with a friend resulted in a sore back and I did begin to question all the things I was carrying around in there.

Of course I need a book/Kindle, for reading emergencies when the baby may be asleep and boredom strikes, and then a couple of crochet projects, because it’s silly to waste time (I did actually do one of these in fairness whilst the boy was asleep in the car).  Then a selection of food, grapes, a banana, baby food pouches, fruit yoghurt pots, ricecakes and breadsticks…naturally the food monster just ate my lunch so I didn’t actually need any of these.  A change of clothes for Jem and spare top for me…we haven’t needed these for several months…do they even still fit?  A spare cardigan each and 2 hats for Jem.

Toys, lots of toys, today we had a chewable bug (Kiddiecare) and joining rings from Mothercare, a Nuby Ice Bite teether, a Lamaze elephant and our V-Tech Toot Toot helicopter (possibly Jem’s current favourite thing).  He didn’t play with any of these…he did spend most of his time trying to steal cutlery or eat napkins (oh and staring at old men…)

Half a bag of disposable nappies (he did a poo, I needed one… and used a reusable one anyway), a full pack of Huggies wipes (my favourites) and ab

out 50 nappy bags, also a spare reusable nappy and a carrier bag for the dirty nappy (used!)  I also had a disposable changing mat (yet I still ended up just changing him on the floor of the toilets without using it).

Also of course general things for me as I don’t carry a separate handbag, this consisted of:

  • purse
  • phone
  • 6 mini tissue packs
  • 2 lip balms
  • 3 lipsticks (no I haven’t worn lipstick since our wedding)
  • a lip gloss
  • hand cream
  • notepad and pen
  • spare pen
  • Tampons & Sanitary towels

I never did buy an actual changing bag, because they were expensive, and my voucher for a free Boots one never came through, so although I was disappointed I ended up using an old messenger bag (endorsed by a Trade Union I used to be a member of…) which I figured did pretty much the same thing, and then after a couple of months moved onto a large handbag.  You can buy made up changing bags containing lots of essentials, pockets and hidey holes for all your essential things (presumably making them easier to find…?) but I do wonder whether it’s really essential to make such a big deal about changing bags.  I manage to carry a whole lot of junk around with me and in fairness rarely use it.  I have developed a habit of simply sticking a couple of nappies in a carrier bag in the bottom of the buggy and ‘winging it’ (admittedly at 10 months it’s easier as there is less likelihood of leaky pooage).

I'm very nosy and I'd love to know what you think?

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