Woo hoo nappage success


Whilst I am fairly sure it’s not the done thing to double blog in one day, something so exciting happened today that I just have to share.

I put the little man down for his morning nap, nothing unusual there.  I leave the room, wait, there’s no screaming so I do my little “successful nap” dance and wander off to clean my teeth (it’s only 10.30am…don’t judge me he’s tough work).  In our house no screams when I leave the room = successful nap time (aka “nappage”) for anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours (obviously only long when we need to go out…)

After teeth cleaning I peek through the door to Jem’s room…he’s not asleep…he is playing with the toys on his mobile…which I thought he couldn’t reach…

What to do?

Do I go in and lay him down?

Do I ignore him and head downstairs?

Surely either option will immediately lead to screaming…so I choose the latter, which means I can put the kettle on 😉

Anyway a short time later the Turk is heading up the stairs so I ask him to stick his head around the door (ahha, excellent trick, that way if Jem screams it’s not my fault and/or I can blame him for ‘waking up’ the baby)…

The Turk: “He’s asleep with his bottom in the air”

Me: “what?”

The Turk: “He’s asleep”

Me: “He can’t be…”

The Turk: “But you put him down…?” *puzzled face*

Me: “Yes, yes I did”


So, he occupied himself, then simply lay down and went to sleep…how did this happen…what parenting trick did I use…how can I replicate this…?  Amazing nappage, love it 🙂

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